Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Confessions of an Obama Convert'

Why Do We Play the Game Anyway?
Ok.  You have to admit it.  President Barack Obama is the very best President we have ever had in the United States of America over the past 223 years.  He is also going to be the very best President we will ever have over the rest of America's future, whether it is another 1000 years or maybe 4.

Just look at the polls!  You know that they are never wrong!  News media polls are like the tablets handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai...written in stone by the finger of Yahweh Himself!

Plus everyone in the news media wants Barack Obama to get re-elected!  ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, all the major media outlets are totally fair and balanced, always have been and always will be. They loved Michael Dukakis and John Kerry before him and it was only the stupidity of the American public that they voted against the media darling each time or else we would have had both a President Michael Dukakis and a President John Kerry 'reporting for duty' as our Commander in Chief and President.

I have been so overwhelmed by the facts presented by the supporters of President Barack Obama that I am prepared to announce today that I am going to be the very first person willing to admit that while I voted for George W. Bush twice and John McCain once,  I am going to make the momentous switch to vote for President Obama on Election Day on November 6.

Think about it.  I have met and heard of dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who voted for the 'Hope and Change' Barack Obama of 2008 who have now decided to vote for Mitt Romney or 'anyone not named Obama!' this year.  Perhaps you have as well.

Have you ever met one person who voted for John McCain in 2008 who has told you that they are now going to vote for President Obama in 2012?  Us neither.

Until now.

And here are the reasons why, outside of the fact that the polls have already declared that President Obama has this race in the bag and 'it is all over!  No need to even vote, people!  This race for the White House is finished, fini, kaput!':

First of all, if I were Jewish, which I am not, and had relatives or friends living in Israel, I would feel 100% totally assured that President Obama has done everything possible to prevent Iran from dropping the Big One on Jerusalem any time soon.

Heck!  He didn't even need to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to New York this past week because he had to go on 'The View' to talk about how many people see him as 'eye-candy'!  How great is that?  We have a President who is so cool that he doesn't even need to meet with our closest ally of free democracy in the Middle East, Israel, because he knows everything is going pretty darned peachy-keen with Arab Spring, Summer and now Fall.

Another reason why I am voting for President Obama is because his State Department promised us that the killing of our Ambassador in Libya was due to 'unrest' and 'bumps in the road' caused by over-zealous followers of Mohammed who were spitting mad about some cartoon video that was on the Internet from some right-wing kook in Florida.

Well, I believe him, don't you?  I am mighty mad that some guy made fun of the Prophet Mohammed instead of being mad about Al Qaeda using grenade launchers to attack our U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, aren't you?  I mean, Obama killed Osama bin Laden....Al Qaeda is finished, didn't you know that?

But the main reason why I am going to vote for President Obama is because he has done such a great job on reviving this economy, don't you agree?  I mean, everything sure seems like it is going a lot better for everyone, right?

Everyone I know are getting high-paying jobs and they are feeling pretty secure about their futures about you?  People who have been out of work for over a year or most of these past 4 years are now finding recruiters knocking down their doors with job offers galore as they compete for their services once again in a dynamic jobs market.  It is pretty self-evident to me, how about to you?

The other reason why I am voting for President Obama is his fine work on reducing the federal budget deficit 'by one-half' as he promised during the 2008 campaign.  Remember that?  Well, I finally figured out what he meant by that promise and statement:  'I promise to reduce the deficit by one-half of the $2.5 trillion I promise to spend on expanding health care, stimulus packages and general growth in government during my first 4 years in office!'

Which he did!  We only have $1.25 trillion deficits now staring us in the face for as long as we can see which is about 1/2 of the money he spent!

I guess what finally turned me around was when some progressive liberals pointed out to me the abject fact that President Obama has changed the culture of Washington from one of bitter confrontation to one of civil discourse, compromise, bold principled leadership and a willingness to sacrifice his own political future for the good of the nation as a whole.  And our children's future.  And our children's children's future.

Everything he has done and said says: 'Welcome to my political opponents!  Come, let's sit down and smoke the peace pipe and drink the beers in the Rose Garden of respect!'

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