Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Are The Democrats Trying to Make Kamikaze Pilots Look Sane By Comparison?

Because they know that when they pass this health care reform (sic?) bill into law, it will never be repealed.


Let’s think about this for a moment.  Why are the Democrat leaders in Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama so willing to force 50 or so of their House colleagues to fly their campaigns into enemy ships just like the kamikaze pilots of World War II and vote for this bill in the face of a growing, angry majority of the American public in their districts who are strongly against it?

These Progressive Democrat leaders know, with ‘ontological certitude’ as John McLaughlin used to say, that once a bill is passed into law, the chances of it ever being completely repealed are nil.  We brought to your attention perhaps the only federal program to be removed from federal control during the Reagan/Bush 41/Clinton and Bush 43 era, the Federal Helium Reserve, which was privatized in 1996…after ‘only’ 71 years in existence and long after dirigibles were used for warfare purposes as they were in World War I.

The only instance of a health care bill being repealed in its entirety was the aptly-named “Medicare Catastrophic Bill of 1988” which was summarily repealed in 1989 after senior citizens attacked powerful Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski ...with umbrellas! (Seriously!)

Are you mad enough to go after Nancy Pelosi or your congressman with an umbrella the next time you see them?  (Don’t answer that!)

But here is the main problem as we see it:  Once the Democrats pass this bill, there is no chance that any, part or all of this health care reform bill can be repealed or changed once it is passed, for the next 3 years at least.

“Why?” you snort.  “The American people HATE this bill in overwhelming numbers.  Didn’t you see the results of the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, you muddled-headed ninny?”

Here is the Progressive Democrats' real trump card: President Barack Obama will still have the veto pen in his hands until January, 2013 at minimum.  He can, and will, veto every attempt to change this health care bill with a flourish once it is signed into law for the next 3 full years, even if Republicans or Tea Partiers win tons of congressional seats this fall.

That is close to 1000 more days for those of you keeping score at home.

The GOP now has 41 Senators and 176 House Members.  That is 10 short of a majority in the Senate and 42 short of a majority in the House.  “We can do it this year in this political environment!” say some stalwart Republicans.

Yeah, maybe, that is great….but guess what?  For the next 2 years after this year’s November election, 2011-2012, even if the GOP has a majority in both the House and the Senate, President Obama can shoot down every single attempt at repeal or reform of this health care bill with his veto pen.  Every single one of them.

Why?  Because in order to override his expected veto each time, the GOP would need 67 GOP Senators and 290 House Members in Congress.

The GOP ain’t going to get to those numbers this year or any year, ladies and gentlemen.  At best, the GOP can get to solid majorities in both Houses like they did from 1995-2007.  They have never had supermajorities the size to regularly override any President in the White House in modern times.  Never.

The dream of the ‘Progressive Democrats’, as they all seem to be calling themselves now as opposed to just plain ‘liberals’, is to have universal coverage for every American no matter what the cost.  And their belief is that once this bill becomes 'law', they can then explain it to the American people and "then they will like it!"

And they are willing to pull every trick out of Felix the Cat's big bag of tricks to get it passed into the  also aptly-named 'Slaughter Rule' and budget reconciliation.

Here is what is guaranteed the minute this bill is signed into law: your taxes will go up for the next 5 years. To the tune of $207 billion, to be exact.  These will all come in various assorted forms and flavors but the bottom line is that most of the taxes in this health care bill are ‘front-loaded’ and due to come out of your pockets or the pockets of your employers right away.

By contrast, spending on any expansion of health care coverage will not take place really until the fifth year, 2014.  Or two whole years after the next presidential election when we get to decide whether President Barack Obama deserves another four years or not as our nation's Chief Executive.

So get your umbrellas out for the next town meeting with your favorite congressman who voted for this bill the first or second time around.  At least the kamikaze pilots of World War II didn't have to face such ire and the wrath of angry voters after their mission.

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