Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Chinese History Lesson, Circa 2030

Unless the United States is not careful, the classroom depicted in the new ad from Citizens Against Government Waste, 'Chinese Professor', might become unbearably 'real'.

CAGW, an advocacy group in Washington, DC that has been working for more efficient government since 1980, has unleashed one of the most searing and indelible images on the American public since Ronald Reagan's 'Morning in America' ads in 1984 or his equally effective 'Bear' ads depicting the Soviet threat.

There is no candidate to support or oppose in the ad.  There is no talk of political parties or philosophy. Thankfully, there are no ridiculous charges about a candidate's personal integrity, or lack thereof, being cast about like a bullwhip.

It is a stark, clear image in a futuristic pristine university setting. The Chinese professor speaks with a calm firmness in his voice signifying his assurance that his observations are correct.

After recounting the current debt buildup of the United States, he turns to the camera and smiles a wry grin and says, 'Of course, we owned most of their debt...and now they work for us!'.

In Chinese, of course.

And you know in your heart that what he is saying could be true one day, unfortunately.

The Chinese students in the classroom laugh, much like American students in 1960 used to laugh about any comment that Americans would one day drive Japanese cars (wouldn't those students be surprised looking at the cars on the highways today?) American students used to laugh about buying clothes and products from Latin America and Southeast Asia and used the dismissive 'Made in China' as a comment of pure disdain for their low quality.

No one is laughing about either of those 'threats' any longer, are they?

Watch the 'Chinese Professor' ad once and see what you think and how you feel after seeing it this first time.  Let it sink in some and then see how you feel about it, whether you think it is corny and completely unbelievable or on-target and a hit to your solar plexus.

And then make some adult decisions about who you are going to vote for in this very important, critical election on November 2, (unless you have already voted already because you know how important this election really is)

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