Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

'Keep your eye on the little white ball'

Below are direct links to the legislative language as introduced by House Republican leadership last night in the House Ways and Means and the Commerce Committees:
From Ways and Means:
CLICK HERE to read the legislative recommendations from the Ways and Means Committee.
CLICK HERE to read a two-page summary of the American Health Care Act.
CLICK HERE to read a section-by-section of the Ways and Means legislation.
From Energy and Commerce:

CLICK HERE to read the entire bill, which includes legislative recommendations from the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means Committees.
CLICK HERE to read a section-by-section of the Energy and Commerce legislation.
Here's something you might want to consider doing and ask your friends and colleagues to do as well during consideration of this bill:

'Turn off cable news and radio talk shows UNTIL and UNLESS you have read the legislation for yourself!'

We don't say that to encourage you to be close-minded and tunnel-visioned and shut off debate or not hear from other sides of the issue.

We say that to encourage each of you to use your own common sense and brains to read the bills and the amendments as they come up and make your own evaluations and conclusions before you start to bank on the opinions of columnists or talk show hosts or the basic news media whom we have pretty damning evidence by now that they really are not interested in presenting news in a fair and balanced basis through whatever political lens they choose to use.

The main things to remember is that any health care legislation should seek to allow the following:

  • Universal access to health care insurance
  • Tax equity fairness and treatment for all consumers of health care insurance
  • Basic catastrophic health insurance coverage for everyone
  • Means and incentives for driving overall health care costs down, not up

Once we have had a chance to plow through this legislation and probably some analytical reports from unbiased sources, we will post some thoughts and insights in coming weeks.

It is the greatest and most complicated public policy issue of our time and has been for the past 30 years now. It is in our own collective best interest to find a compromise to replace the ACA which has failed to cover everyone with insurance and has caused premiums to skyrocket across-the-board in the meantime.

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