Sunday, April 17, 2016

Should President Obama Apologize for Hiroshima?

There has been speculation that President Obama is seeking an opportunity during the upcoming G-7 Conference in Japan to go to Hiroshima to apologize in some manner for the United States dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki to end World War II in the Pacific in 1945.

It would be the coda to his 2 terms in the White House where seemingly every injustice in the world can be traced to 'American Imperialism!' or 'American Capitalist Greed!'. From his very first world trips, they have been described as 'apology tours' designed to make friends with everyone, including our enemies, and the world will all come together and sing 'I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke!' or something. (click through the title link if you can not see the video below)

President Obama has repeatedly 'bowed' to foreign leaders, both friendly and non-friendly during his two terms in the White House. Not just figuratively speaking but in actual physical practice.

American Presidential tradition has been to not bow to foreign leaders ever since George Washington defeated the Redcoats under King George III. Think President Washington would have ever bowed or curtsied to His Majesty and Queen had he ever met them in person? (which he didn't)

With this presidential campaign season upon us, we thought it might be interesting to speculate on what an accurate and more realistic presidential address to the world would look like when it came to America 'taking responsibility' for our actions on the world scene over the past 246 years:

'Dear Citizens of the World:

The Great American Experiment will never grow old or die.

We were founded on the predicate that every person is endowed and created with certain inalienable rights such as life, freedom and the right to pursue whatever endeavor you so choose during your life here on earth.

We believe in freedom and democracy so much that we have engaged not only in a major civil war on our own soil to free millions of people from oppression, where more Americans died fighting for that freedom than in any and all wars combined since, we have entered into wars on foreign soil to help free hundreds of millions of people from destruction, death and vile oppression from sadistic, mad leaders the world over.

For that, we will never apologize.

We will never apologize for helping to liberate Europe from the madman Adolf Hitler who murdered over 6 million Jews for the 'crime' of not fitting his idealized notion of what an Aryan Nation should look like.

We will never apologize for bringing to a close the communist darkness that was known as the Soviet Union whose very own leaders, Josef Stalin as the worst of them, murdered or imprisoned over 100 million of its own citizens before the USSR died on Christmas Day, 1991 of all blessed days.

We will never apologize for bringing to an end the murderous, ruthless and ultimately mindless leadership of the Emperor of Japan who caused the death and brutal destruction of perhaps tens of millions of Chinese and southeast Asian people prior to and during World War II.

We will not apologize for ridding the world of ISIS and Al Qaeda one day soon in the near future when we can all stand together and say we did.

We hope and pray that we will never again see wars waged on a scale of the world war that ended with the unleashing of nuclear weapons on the face of this earth. Our collective survival depends on keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of madmen and mad states who would seek to do otherwise.

We wish we would see the days where walls of cities and enemies such as the Midianites were brought down solely by loud trumpets and faith.

But until we do, we Americans will never stop defending freedom, promoting democracy, advancing free enterprise and protecting innocent people and then returning home after insuring their security and leave the people of each new free nation to live their lives in peace.

You have our word and solemn promise on that.’

Think we will see anything like that from President Obama later this summer in Japan? Such an address would be far more 'truthful' than trying to pin America as being a net detriment to humanity on a regular basis during our relatively short 227-year existence.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a US President talk about how great America is and has been in world history once again?

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