Sunday, September 18, 2011

Even The Washington Post Agrees With Telemachus

You Pay As You Go

This just came out this morning and basically corroborates (in better journalistic methods) what we were saying just yesterday about the insanity of our tax system basically taking in (from you) and giving back (to you again) almost essentially the same amount of money each year.

All Washington does is takes its commission cut to fund hundreds of thousands of federal workers...and then borrows the rest from the Chinese and the foreign sovereigns to allow us to continue this habit-forming (apparently) addiction to federal support.

It is time to change all this. Now is the time to do it when we desperately need a new direction in this country and it is not just with new leaders but rather new leaders with new good ideas like this one: Replace the payroll and income tax system with a consumption tax at the point of final purchase for everything from homes to cars to toilet paper at the supermarket.

With the following addendum at the end of each and every receipt:

'Your tax at 18% Equals ($1 million; $1000; $1.00)
This Goes To Pay for the Following Programs in the Federal Government:

Social Security 25%
Medicare/Medicaid: 25%
Defense: 20%
Interest: 10%
Everything Else: 20%

and we still borrow 40% more each year and ring up astronomical debts!'

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