Sunday, August 23, 2009

“Stick a Fork In the Obama Health Care Reform Bill”

The President’s own OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Director is about to announce revised projections upward of over $2 trillion over the next 9 years to the nation’s budget deficits and national debt accumulation.

That is BEFORE any projections are put in there about the $1.4 trillion (we think it will be $3 trillion) health care program now under consideration in Congress.

Put quite simply, there is a saying on Capitol Hill that “you can now stick a fork in the bill because ‘It Is Done!’”

There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that any sentient, intelligent, thoughtful congressional representative can now vote for such a massive expansion of federal spending in the face of $2 trillion more in deficit-spending. (I know that leaves a lot of room for non-sentient representatives and senators but you get my point)

The only reasons why anyone in Congress can possibly say now that they are going to vote for this monstrous expansion of federal spending in the face of yawning deficits that your kids will have to pay, somehow, are the following:

1. I can’t read or write.
2. I can’t add or subtract.
3. I know nothing about economics, business cycles, monetary or fiscal policy.
4. I have never read the federal budget.
5. I think it will all work out in the end….don’t you?

Seriously, if you don’t consider running against any one of the people now representing your district in Congress if they vote for this monstrosity in the face of the truth about these deficits, you are doing your country a disservice and you are not a patriot. Your nation needs you!

Here is a way to test and see if your representative or senator is really serious about wanting to reform the health care system in America. And this will not cost one bloody red cent to the federal taxpayer. In fact, it will save hundreds of billions over time. And it could be passed tomorrow in an emergency session of Congress:

Ask them to pass a bill that deals with tort (legal) reform and malpractice insurance reform and let’s see what happens.

If doctors fees, hospital costs and health insurance premiums start to dip down in the next year or two, then we have hit one of the smaller veins of the Mother Lode of Health Care Reform similar to the silver rush in Nevada in 1858 with the discovery of the Comstock Lode.

And it won’t cost you, as the taxpayer, one copper penny or your kids one dollar of borrowed funds from their future prosperity.

Now that the explosion of volcanic ash debt from OMB has killed off this health care bill, let’s try to see if something else more reasonable works.


  1. so...from an insider perspective you really think this will cause them a moment of pause?

  2. Congressman KOOK: I don't think the package can pass now in it original intent and scope. Perhaps something significantly scaled down in cost might pass later in the year but these deficit numbers are just too scary for the American public to consume and then vote for more on top of that. Another Ross Perot might pop out of the woodwork and take advantage of that fear.


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