Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Where Is "Moderate Joe" Biden?

"'President' Edith Bolling Galt
telling Woodrow Wilson
where to sign"

Every senior moderate Democrat in North Carolina assured us during the campaign that Joe Biden was a moderate. They said he would stand in the way of the left-wing, extreme-liberal socialists who control the Democratic Party today.  

“He is no Bernie Sanders,” they all promised in unison. 

Based on his first 56 days in office, it is impossible to tell the difference between President Joe Biden and socialist Bernie Sanders. There is no difference politically between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — and Vice-President Kamala Harris, for that matter. 

No moderate president would agree to a monstrosity of a waste of taxpayer money bill as President Biden did last week when he signed the massive $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill. No moderate would support HR 1, which would destroy all state and local control of elections. No moderate would call for unity and then sign ultra-partisan bills crammed through Congress without one vote from the opposition party.  

It is as if “Moderate Joe” Biden has been kidnapped and held hostage in the White House. Or perhaps something more serious has happened. 

The last medical report released about Joe Biden’s health was on Dec. 15, 2019, when he was still former-Vice-President Joe Biden, a candidate with a very slim chance to win the Democratic nomination as the moderate. Kevin O’Connor, DO, associate professor and doctor of osteopathy at George Washington University, concluded his report:  

“Vice President Biden is a healthy, vigorous 77-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those of Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief.” 

He may have been fit for the challenges of the “most important job in the world” 15 months ago. However, President Biden has exhibited neither the will nor the strength to govern as a moderate. He was either elected under false pretenses, or something has happened to him that has clouded his judgment about what his moderate political philosophy would look like once elected president. 

Being president of the United States of America is not a routine job or an emeritus board position. Presidents make life-and-death decisions, including sending troops into battle. When they affix their signature to legislation, it is the final step in our constitutional process which can set policies in place for decades, not months. 

Americans have seen serious medical conditions of presidents covered up by a fawning press beforePresident Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke in October 1919 and spent the last 16 months of his presidency essentially bedridden. His wife made most of the major policy decisions for America in the White House while his handlers and a compliant press protected Wilson from the public.  

President John F. Kennedy was almost incapacitated by intense back pain while in the White House. He received daily injections of pain-killers and had to take barbiturates to sleep. JFK took anti-psychotic drugs on at least one occasion — it is a good thing it apparently wasn’t during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 when America came to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. 

FDR was the most well-known invalid in the White House. He contracted polio in 1921 but with the aid of a compliant press, his struggles with the disease were well-hidden from the public for his entire 11 years in the White House.  

President Biden has not held a live press conference. He hasn’t scheduled a State of the Union address. He doesn’t take random questions after making a prepared speech read from a teleprompter. He gets yanked off the stage by his handlers as if he were a vaudevillian performer who bombed. 

If he had governed as a moderate to this point as promised, there would not be the same cause for concern. When there is no discernible difference between what Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would do in the White House, that is an alarm bell that has to be addressed. 

Over 81 million people voted for Joe Biden believing he was fully healthy, fully moderate and fully capable of discharging the immense duties of the presidency. They may have been deceived and misled by his campaign and a press that hated President Trump so much they would cover up anything to get him out of the White House. 

It is time for an independent medical examination of the president to be conducted by a respected neurologist, psychiatrist and general physician who is not a political appointee.   

(first published in North State Journal 3/17/21

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