Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Gambling and Surrender in Washington, DC

"This is not Saigon, 1975!
This is not Tehran, 1979!
This is Kabul, 2021!"
-President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden rolled the dice on removing U.S. military support in Afghanistan. He could have reversed President Trump’s executive order to get troops out of Afghanistan until he was absolutely sure that the Afghan government and army was strong enough to protect the nation of 39 million people from certain Taliban thuggery, oppression, violence, rape and death.

He didn’t. He rolled snake eyes. He surrendered Afghanistan in such a chaotic manner that it will take its place beside President Jimmy Carter’s inept handling of the Tehran American Embassy hostage crisis in 1979 and the collapse of Saigon in 1975 under President Gerald Ford as one of the most humiliating failures in American military combat and foreign policy history.

86,000 Afghan translators, intelligence-gatherers and American sympathizers have been left behind by President Biden. They deserved U.S. protection for the service they gave our country.

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