Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Summer of soul

"I am no better,
And neither are you"

During the summer of 1969, there was a music festival in the state of New York that was not held on Max Yazgur’s farm in Woodstock — the Harlem Cultural Festival, which also became known as the “Black Woodstock.” 

It was mostly forgotten until 40 hours of videotape of the six-weekend event were discovered in a basement 50 years later. The documentary based on those tapes, “Summer of Soul,” was released in late June in theatres and on Hulu. 

If you were in your teens in 1969, you know you want to see this movie. All you have to know is that the heart-thumping rhythms of “Sing a Simple Song,” “Everyday People” and “I Wanna Take You Higher” by Sly and the Family Stone live on stage in concert are prominently featured, and instantly you are transported back to your younger days. 

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