Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Man Walks Into The Trump Winery

Pop Open A Cold One on November 3
On the day after Christmas and seeing our extended family in Fredericksburgwe traveled across the state of Virginia to Hot Springs for some pure rest and relaxation. 
Along the way, we noticed we were going through the wine country established by Thomas Jefferson near Charlottesville. We decided to go see the Trump Winery since one of our sons gave us a bottle of Trump champagne in the summer of 2016 as a joke because we all know he is never going to win, Dad!
As is our wont to do, we struck up a conversation with some folks over lunch in the packedtothegills tasting room to see why they were there on the day after Christmas when they could have been so many other places with family and friends. 
We came to buy a case of Trump champagne to celebrate his re-election in November 2020! 
Are you sure of that?
Absolutely. I am a veteran working at the Pentagon and every active military and retired veteran know is going to vote for him. He has been great for us across-the-board.” 
There are 1.3 million active service personnel and 18.2 million veterans. Close to 80% of all active military and veterans are registered to vote. If 75of them vote, and 75% go for Trump, that is close to 9 million of the roughly 65 million votes he would need to win the popular vote in November. 
I am a Latina from Nicaragua who has seen how dangerous and awful socialism really is,” said the wife of the Pentagon employee. These young people in America who are falling in love with socialism have never lived under such an awful government. I am glad I got out. Plus, we are Catholic and the Democrats wanting to kill babies after they are born alive is just plain wrong.”  
How can you be so sure that President Trump is going to win reelection? I asked in all honesty. 
The economy is great. The stock market is up 50% since Trump was elected. My IRA and 401(k) accounts are at a level we can retire securely. We are not at war or going into countries for regime-change like we did so stupidly under Bush 43. What is not to like about what is going on in America today? 
Yeah,” said his brother who owned a plumbing concern in Arizona. My business has never been better. We might retire to Mexico, but you know what? They will never let us become citizens so we can vote there one day. They make it impossible to immigrate to Mexico, but they want the U.S. to take every illegal immigrant they send us? That aint right.” 
Thats right,” echoed his Nicaraguan wifeNo one who immigrated legally to the U.S. wants anyone to come here illegally. They cut too many corners. We played by the rules; paid thousands of dollars to gain citizenship, and now the Democrats want to give illegal immigrants free education and free health care while they undercut our wages at our jobs? That just aint right! 
What do you think of the Democratic candidates for president? 
You mean the socialist candidates for president like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren? None of them are talking about anything that anyone we know in Arizona is buying! And Joe Biden has been sucked in by the leftists in his party. How a 77-yearold white guy who has been in Washington for 50 years and never solved anything is going to get nominated by the modern democratic socialist party is beyond me. It aint gonna happen.” 
Well, it sounds like you certainly have made up your minds! I said as we were leaving. 
Youre darn right we have! And so have all these other 80 people in this room who are buying Trump champagne to celebrate in November! 

(first published in North State Journal 1/15/20)

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