Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pennies From Heaven..Part 2?

Part of the problem is that no average citizen in their right mind has ever opened up an annual US Federal Budget replete with the accompanying Analytical Perspectives or Appendix to just take a glance at some of the programs you are supporting through your current tax dollars and your children’s future prosperity, hopefully. It is like owning stock in a company and never reading their annual reports. (I don’t read them all either)

All you ever hear from Congress is: “We must do this for our children’s sake!” or “If we don’t do that, we will perish under enemy attack!”

Just remember that the truth often lies far removed from the histrionics of the political debate. If it were not so important, many politicians could rightly be referred to as “entertainers”, performers with many doubling as ‘comedians’….you take your pick. You could go as far as to call them ‘actors who put a mask on to portray another character” but that would be calling them ‘hypocrites’ (which is what actors were originally called in ancient Greece) and that would be going just too far.

Easily, very easily any single citizen could find 50% or more of the federal budget with which to disagree. Congress is just such a messy, unwieldy sieve by which to sort through all of these priorities that ultimately each year, collectively they ‘punt’ on it and say: “We’ll deal with that later.”

Meaning: ‘Like after I am retired from Congress or long dead and gone!’

I am going to give you one other way to see for yourself where the craziness is in the federal budget. Use this link FY2010 Federal Budget to take a look at the entire federal budget, as long as you don’t mind waiting for the .PDF format to load for a minute or two..…it is ‘only’ a 1380-page document, minutely-spaced.

And just randomly type in a couple of pages between pages 40-1380 and see what you think. Are all of the programs you see on your screen absolutely necessary to the common defense of our country or promoting the general welfare as the Founders envisioned?

If you find that there are absolutely zero programs with which you disagree spending taxpayer dollars on or borrowing from your children’s piggybank of the future, then you should be in Congress today.

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